Cardo Systems’ new PACKTALK EDGE Headset opens the door for parents, coaches and production professionals to seamlessly communicate with riders

New PACKTALK ‘EDGEPHONES’ pair seamlessly with state-of-the-art PACKTALK EDGE communicator, delivers class-leading mesh communication for convenient off-the-bike use cases

Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless communication systems for powersports riders, today introduced a new headset accessory for its state-of-the-art PACKTALK EDGE wireless communicator. Designed for off-the-bike use cases, Cardo’s new PACKTALK EDGEPHONES pair seamlessly with the PACKTALK EDGE – delivering the same class-leading mesh communication network in a helmetless solution.

Cardo’s PACKTALK EDGEPHONES are ideal for parents and motorcycle coaches, delivering real-time, in-the-moment communication with riders in action. With a growing need to assist those on the sidelines, the PACKTALK EDGEPHONES are comfortable to wear, easy to use, and robust to withstand outdoor conditions. Designed with an Air Mount connectivity port that seamlessly integrates the PACKTALK EDGE with the EDGEPHONE, users can conveniently transfer from helmet to EDGEPHONES. Once transferred, the PACKTALK EDGEPHONES operate the same as a PACKTALK EDGE helmet system – allowing users to communicate easily and effectively within an intercom network of up to 15 people with crystal clear premium JBL audio. The PACKTALK EDGEPHONES have the ability to pair with other Cardo units that utilize Bluetooth connectivity as well.

“The introduction of our new PACKTALK EDGEPHONES provides the superior solution for coaches, instructors, parents, and production professionals who need a direct line of communication with riders,” said Alon Lumbroso, chief executive officer, Cardo Systems. “PACKTALK EDGEPHONES offer the ultimate form factor and a seamless level of integration with PACKTALK EDGE and its premium mesh network on PACKTALK EDGE delivers.”

PACKTALK EDGEPHONES premium features include the following:

Thanks to the EDGEPHONES’ ergonomic over-the-ear noise protection, coaches, parents, and production professionals will experience a pristine audio experience while communicating instructions or directions to riders, ultimately translating to better confidence and a safer and more effective experience for riders.

The Cardo PACKTALK EDGEPHONES accessory will be available on pre-order for $149.95/€159.95 at starting September 12th and will begin shipping to retailers at the end of September.

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About Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems provides cutting-edge communication devices and application services for powersports and outdoor enthusiasts. Cardo’s devices and services promote riders’ safety and enable motorcycle riders, off-road drivers, and adventure seekers to stay connected to their phone, music, and to each other. Cardo launched the world’s first motorcycle Bluetooth-based wireless intercom headset in 2004 and has been responsible for most of the industry’s innovations ever since. This includes the introduction of the first mesh-powered intercom, the first premium sound system by JBL, and the first voice-powered device, to name but a few. Cardo’s products are sold in over 100 countries and are the world’s leading communication devices for groups in motion.

Cardo Systems' new PACKTALK EDGE Headset opens the door for parents, coaches & production professionals to seamlessly communicate with riders  
Cardo Systems lance un nouvel accessoire de casque pour le PACKTALK EDGE, dédié aux parents, aux coaches et aux professionnels de la production audiovisuelle (photo, vidéo) pour communiquer de manière fluide et claire avec leurs enfants, les pilotes, et les motards  
Cardo_präsentiert die PACKTALK EDGEPHONES  
Le nuove cuffie PACKTALK EDGE di Cardo Systems aprono le porte a genitori, allenatori e professionisti della produzione per comunicare con i motociclisti senza problemi  
カルドシステムズの新しいPACKTALK EDGEヘッドセットは、保護者、コーチ、プロダクション関係者がライダーとスムーズにコミュニケーションするための扉を開きます。  
Met de nieuwe PACKTALK EDGE-headset van Cardo Systems opent Cardo de deur voor ouders, coaches en productieprofessionals om draadloos met rijders te communiceren  
Cardo Systems sitt nye PACKTALK EDGE Headset tilrettelegger for at foreldre, trenere, kjørelærere og produksjonsfagfolk kan kommunisere sømløst med hverandre og med motorsyklister  
Os novos auscultadores PACKTALK EDGE da Cardo Systems abrem a porta aos pais, treinadores e profissionais de produção de conteúdos para comunicarem facilmente com motociclistas  
Cardo Systems推出的新款 PACKTALK EDGE耳机为家长、教练和专业人士提供了一种与骑手无缝沟通的方式。  
Cardo presenterar Nya PACKTALK ‘EDGEPHONES’ kompatibel med toppmoderna PACKTALK EDGE, en klassledande mesh-kommunikation lämpad för praktisk användning off-the-bike  
ชุดหูฟัง PACKTALK EDGE รุ่นใหม่ล่าสุดจาก Cardo Systems ที่พร้อมเปิดประตูบานใหม่ สำหรับผู้ปกครอง โค้ช และทีมงานโปรดักชั่นขั้นเทพ ให้สามารถสื่อสารกับผู้ขับขี่ได้อย่างราบรื่น ไม่มีสะดุด  
Alat komunikasi fon kepala PACKTALK EDGE baharu daripada Cardo Systems memberikan kemudahan kepada ibu bapa, jurulatih dan profesional perfileman untuk berkomunikasi dengan lancar dengan penunggang motosikal  
Tai nghe PACKTALK EDGE mới của Cardo Systems mở ra cơ hội cho phụ huynh, huấn luyện viên và chuyên gia sản xuất giao tiếp liền mạch với người lái xe