Cardo Systems officially rides into the off-road segment, answering the call from UTV and ATV riders for a better wireless communication solution

Wireless Helmet Communications Innovators Significantly Bolster ORV Distribution Through Partnership with SuperATV. 

Cardo Systems, the global market leader in wireless communication is officially entering the off-road market, putting its superior wireless helmet communications solutions on display at the 2022 Sand Sports Super Show, Sept. 16-18 in Costa Mesa, CA.  Backed by category-specific research, surveying US-based ATV/UTV vehicle owners, Cardo Systems has identified a significant need for wireless communication solutions that are better suited to the actual priorities and usage habits of off-road vehicle drivers and passengers.

In addition to its market research and consumer survey efforts over the past year, Cardo Systems attended last year’s Sand Sports Super Show as part of its initial research effort. The participation in last year’s show was merely an initial step in a broader research effort to develop a strong sense of off-road market dynamics, competition and consumer behaviors, and priorities where wireless communications and connectivity technologies are concerned.

“Our visit last year to Sand Sports Super Show opened our eyes to the need for vehicle-to-vehicle and in-vehicle communication solutions that are superior to what’s currently available in the market,” said Dan Emodi, Chief Marketing Officer for Cardo Systems. “We enter this year’s show, and ultimately 2023, extremely confident that our product offering can dynamically elevate the off-road experience.”

Research conducted by Cardo found a significant need for a technologically superior and elevated overall wireless communication solution among UTV and ATV riders.  In addition, consumer feedback revealed that Cardo Systems solutions offer a variety of benefits that specifically address shortcomings associated with the more prominent communications products currently offered in the off-road space, including superior sound quality through Cardo’s strategic partnership with JBL, hands-free operation thanks to Cardo’s Natural Voice Command technology, always-on intercom communication regardless of cellular coverage, and an increased level of freedom through wireless connectivity, allowing uninterrupted communications both in and outside the vehicle.

“Our research illustrated an increasing number of families using four-seat vehicles where benefits Cardo offers like hands-free voice-activated functionality and superior audio become extremely important to riders. At the same time, there is also a need for the freedom offered by wireless solutions where riders do not have to be tethered to a vehicle in order to maintain communication, said Liat Sade Lavan,

Director of Business Development – ATV/UTV for Cardo Systems. “These are just a few of the very tangible needs that Cardo products and technologies address directly to significantly enhance the riding experience.”

To ensure a successful entry into the ORV market, Cardo Systems has been actively working to develop a network of distributors with established traction and credibility in the ORV industry to complement its existing network of distributors in the on-road category. The first of these ORV category distribution partnerships is with SuperATV, now an official distributor of Cardo Systems products. The partnership with SuperATV will go far in ensuring a more rapid level of market penetration and overall category sales for Cardo as it officially begins its ongoing mission to elevate the off-road experience for vehicle owners through its advanced wireless communications technologies.

With a workforce of more than 400 U.S. employees, and more than 700 globally, SuperATV adds Cardo Systems to its family of top-tier ORV aftermarket brands, expanding its product range into the communication category for the first time. It’s vast network of approximately 4,500 global dealers will play a critical role in Cardo Systems ability to effectively entrench its products and technologies within the ORV space.

“We’re excited to be adding a global innovator and leader in the ongoing development of practical communications technologies for riders to our family of brands,” said Jay King, Director of Business Development for SuperATV. “Cardo’s superior sound quality and connectivity technology is one thing, but the untethered freedom it provides as a wireless solution and its hands-free functionality are sure to be game-changers for off-road drivers and passengers.”

The PACKTALK EDGE and PACKTALK Bold Headphone deliver the industry’s most efficient and advanced wireless system, for both helmet and non-helmet use cases.  Further, the PACKTALK EDGE and PACKTALK Bold Headphone ensure a “next-level” experience for off-road enthusiasts featuring natural voice operation allowing riders to keep their hands on the wheel and holding on while exploring the off-road trails. PACKTALK Edge also provides a measure of privacy, allowing you to communicate only with the people you want.

PACKTALK EDGE is a small, slimline, antenna-free unit, boasting a whole host of features, making it the best wireless communications device on the market. The PACKTALK EDGE takes the technology one step further with second-generation DMC connectivity and benefits including: an unparalleled deep wideband sound quality, a simpler and faster grouping process in DMC mode, faster pairing in Bluetooth mode, and Live Intercom Bluetooth support. The PACKTALK EDGE has enhanced sound thanks to redesigned JBL speakers and three new sound profiles, attaches to any helmet using a new magnetic cradle for ease of use, and boasts universal fitment, and has an improved noise-canceling microphone. It also houses the most advanced Bluetooth 5.2 chip on the market for universal connectivity. The upgraded Natural Voice Operation engine also means that riders can continue to keep their eyes on the trail, hands on the wheel and activate their device by simply saying “Hey, Cardo.”

Other features include 13-hours battery life, USB-C and fast charging as standard – a quick 20-minute charge gives users two hours of ride time and 1.5-2 hours offers a full charge. Over-the-air software updates via the Cardo Connect App, means no cables or Wi-Fi adapters are required to ensure the PACKTALK EDGE device is loaded with the latest firmware. Most importantly the EDGE is completely water, sand, mud, and dustproof.

PACKTALK Headphones feature noise-canceling earmuffs and a boom mic for crystal-clear communication. A built-in Cardo cradle allows users to conveniently transfer their PACKTALK unit from their helmet to their headphones. Once transferred, the PACKTALK operates just as though it was locked in on the side of the helmet – allowing anyone to communicate easily and effectively within the intercom network of up to 15 people.

Available for $129.90, use cases for the PACKTALK Headphones extend beyond the cockpit experience. For UTV applications such as spotting, hunting, fishing, and farming, users will greatly benefit from the PACKTALK’s hands-free, always-on communication network.

The PACKTALK Headphones pair seamlessly with Cardo’s top-of-the-line PACKTALK BOLD model. Featuring Cardo’s industry-leading Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC), each PACKTALK model offers a ‘set and forget it’ mesh intercom connection. Once paired within the always-on network, users will automatically reconnect each time the units are on and within range. In addition, Cardo’s proprietary Natural Voice Operation provides an easy, hands-free experience, while each model’s waterproof design and 13-hour battery life provide supreme durability and unmatched dependability.

Taking place September 16-18 in Costa Mesa, Calif., the Sand Sports Super Show is the world’s largest exposition for all sand sports. Event attendees can visit the Cardo booth, 2057-GG, to receive a product demonstration or even purchase products at booth 9203-LL, 1881. For more information visit and follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Cardo Systems

Cardo Systems is a leading developer and supplier of wireless communication and entertainment systems for Powersports and Outdoor enthusiasts. Originally focused on motorcycle Bluetooth devices – a market it invented in 2004 – Cardo has been pioneering the vast majority of innovations for groups in motion. These innovations include; The world’s first Mesh-based intercom, the first premium sound, and the first natural Voice operation, to name but a few. Cardo’s mission is to empower riders, adventure seekers, and professionals with cutting-edge communication, safety, and sound. The company’s products are available in over 100 countries through an expanding network of dealers and directly online.